Greetings. Are you ready to be transformed by the sounds of SPACE Jazz BIG BAND?

Space Big Band

by Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & Toms Rudzinskis

SPACE BIG BAND is a Berlin-based contemporary jazz project born out of a collaboration between jazz musicians & composers Danish Bassist KENNETH DAHL KNUDSEN and Latvian Saxophonist TOMS RUDZINSKIS.

Project premiere on January 17 & 18, 2020 at “B-Flat Berlin”
Recording on January 19 & 20 at "Blackbird Studios" in Berlin

Inspired by deep space and our history of space knowledge – from Galileo to Hawking, with detours in geological time and Kepler’s planet frequencies – this is a retelling of our space history in the universal language of music, a contemporary electro-acoustic jazz suite "Space Big Band" for a contemporary jazz big band.

Personnel: Malte Schiller (cond.), Shems Bendali, Dima Bondarev, Jakob Sørensen, Johannes Böhmer (tr.), Dustin Drews, Toms Rudzinskis, Julius Gawlik, Ignaz Dinne, Leonie Freudenberger (sax); Nils Marquardt, Jonas Lindh, Andrej Ugoljew, Alistair Duncan (trb); Povel Widestrand (p), Sebastian Boehlen (guit), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (bass), Mathias Ruppnig (dr).

First Mission:

Space Big Band @ B-Flat Berlin 2020

at B-Flat Berlin

Original music composed by bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and saxophonist Toms Rudzinskis performed by some of Berlin's finest Jazz musicians

January 17 & 18, 2020

Our engines are running

See you in Autumn 2020!

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